Know the Right Plusnet Email Settings for Outlook

A lot of people use the Plusnet webmail account. But most of them don’t know that they can set up this webmail account in a particular email program. You only need the correct IMAP settings for it. You can configure the Plusnet email settings for Outlook as well as other programs like Android, iPad, Gmail, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird. But you need to input the correct IMAP and SMTP settings to get the desired results. In this article, you’ll find all the details about setting up your Plusnet mail on the Outlook desktop client, so you can access your account conveniently. You won’t need to log in separately into your Plusnet webmail account.

The Process to Setup Plusnet Email on Outlook

Given below are the correct Plusnet email settings for Outlook. Ensure that you follow this stepwise guide to set up Plusnet email on the Outlook email client successfully.

  • Launch the Outlook application.
  • Now, tap on the ‘File’ tab. In the ‘Information’ category, tap ‘Account Settings.’
  • Go to the ‘Email’ tab, and tap ‘New.’
  • Check ‘Server Settings.’ Enable ‘Server Settings’ and tap ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘Internet Email Addresses.’
  • Tap ‘Next’ and input the information given below among user data.
  1. In the section of Your Name, type in your full name.
  2. In the section of Email Address, type in your full Plusnet email address.
  • In the box named ‘Type Account’ under ‘Server Information,’ choose ‘IMAP.’
  • Now, provide the information as it is given below.
  1. In the field of incoming email, type in
  2. In the field of incoming port, type in 143.
  3. In the field of Outgoing email, type in
  4. In the field of outgoing port, type in 587.
  • Type in the settings provided below under ‘Login Information.’
  1. In the field of the email, input your Plusnet email address.
  2. In the field of password, type in your entire Plusnet email password.
  3. The security is None.
  • That’s it. Your account has been set up. Now tap ‘Test Account Settings.’ If everything is okay, tap ‘Next,’ followed by ‘Finish.’

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What Is the Difference between IMAP and POP

IMAP and POP are protocols for downloading mails from Plusnet systems to a different email application. When you set up your Plusnet email account on an email client like Outlook, you must choose between the two. You can choose either IMAP or POP protocol. But it is essential to know the differences between the two and what they do. It is explained in detail below.


It stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is used to access email or a bulletin board message from a mail service or server. Here is what it does.

  • When you use IMAP, the emails remain on the Plusnet system even after you check them on the PC.
  • Everything you do with the emails happens on the email applications and devices you are utilizing.
  • IMAP is best if you use different devices for emails like a smartphone or Ipad.


It stands for Point of Presence or Post Office Protocol. It is a point of distinction where several devices communicate with one another. Here is what it does.

  • When you select POP, the emails stay on the Plusnet system till you check them on the computer. After that, the emails move from the system to your PC.
  • After moving to your PC, the emails don’t stay on the Plusnet system.
  • The emails remain on your computer, and you can access them even if you are not linked to the internet.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will have gained much clarification about the Plusnet email settings for Outlook. Now you can set up your Plusnet account by yourself easily. But if you face any issues in configuring it, seek the help of email customer support services.

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