Configure Your NetAddress Email Settings Outlook Easily

NetAddress is a web-based emailing service available to the general public free of cost. It gives a full-featured replacement for the conventional email address people use to exchange mails with their family, friends, and colleagues. Once registered with NetAddress, users can sign up with any popular email address, like, Gmail, or Yahoo. You also have the option of creating an account with this emailing service without signing up with any other email providers. To use it on Outlook (, you need to configure its settings correctly. In this article, you find the proper NetAddress email settings Outlook. Once you input the correct settings, you’ll be able to use NetAddress email service with your Outlook application.

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What Are NetAddress Email Settings Outlook?

NetAddress requires you to utilize the IMAP settings in email clients like Outlook in inclination to POP3 or SMTP. IMAP syncs the transporter with your NetAddress Mail account. What you do with the mail on the email transporter proposes up within the NetAddress Mail interface at NetAddress.

SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a standard that is used to send a NetAddress email. You should know how to properly configure the IMAP and POP3 (Post Office Protocol, model 3). Here is the process to configure NetAddress email settings for Outlook.

  • Launch Outlook. After that, open ‘Account Settings.’ You can find it by clicking the ‘File’ tab and going to the category of ‘Information.’
  • In the tab of ‘Email’ tap ‘New’ to make a new email account.
  • Now check the ‘Server Settings’ and enable them.
  • After that, click ‘Next.’
  • Proceeding forward, choose ‘Internet Email Addresses.’ Tap ‘Next.’ Then input the data given below as your user data.
  1. Type in your full name in front of its field.
  2. Type in your NetAddress email ID in front of the email address field.
  • Under the ‘Server Information,’ you’ll find the box ‘Type Account.’ Here select ‘POP3’ and enter the given information.
  1. is the incoming email.
  2. 110 is the incoming port number.
  3. is the outgoing email.
  4. 25 is the outgoing port number.
  • Below the ‘Login Information’ type the settings as follows:
  1. Type in your complete NetAddress email ID in front of the email field.
  2. Type in your NetAddress email password in front of the password field.
  3. Write None in front of login with security.
  • That’s it. Now you just have to tap ‘Test Account Settings.’ If everything is correct, tap ‘Next’ followed by ‘Finish.’ You have added your Outlook account successfully and configured the NetAddress email settings.


The Difference Between NetAddress IMAP and NetAddress POP3

IMAP is an email sending system that is unrestricted. It isn’t compatible with TLS/SSL without a certificate. On the contrary, POP3 gives you a safe messaging environment without the need for a User Authentication Module or SSL certificate. According to the POP3 protocol, there’s only a single client linked to the mailbox. On the other hand, the IMAP protocol permits simultaneous access via numerous clients. IMAP is ideal for you if your mailbox is handled by numerous users.


Final Words

Now you know all about the correct NetAddress email settings Outlook. They are pretty easy to configure. Just ensure that you fill in the server information carefully without committing any mistakes. If you cannot configure the Email Settings, feel free to contact professional NetAddress email support services. The experts will fix all your issues speedily.

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