How to configure frontier email settings for outlook

Are you interested in using Frontier email? If that’s the case, this blog article is for you. It will guide you through setting up frontier email settings for outlook. That’s not all; it’ll also cover topics like Pop3 and SMTP port configurations. If you’re wondering why the latter is mentioned in this article, it’s because SMTP controls the sending of outgoing emails. As a result, IMAP must be set up alongside SMTP.

In today’s article, we’ll show you how to manually configure your setup frontier email on outlook on your devices. Setting up frontier email settings be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when you have all of the settings and procedures in front of you.


IMAP/POP Settings on the Frontier (Incoming Mail Server)

  • account type: POP
  • Enter your entire email address as the user name for Frontier Email IMAP. Enter your Frontier email password as the password for Frontier Email IMAP.
  • is the hostname of the Frontier Email IMAP Server.
  • 995 is the IMAP server port for Frontier Email.
  • Yes, IMAP SSL/TSL is necessary for Frontier Email.
  • Enter your email account login and password to authenticate.
  • After making the necessary changes, you should be able to receive emails without difficulty. However, you must use frontier email settings to ensure that the outgoing mail service is operational.


Frontier SMTP setting

  • Account Type (Frontier Mail SMTP Server)
  • SMTP Frontier Mail SMTP User Name- Enter your Frontier email id
  • Frontier Mail SMTP Password- Frontier email password
  • Frontier Mail SMTP User Name- Frontier email id
  • is the Frontier Mail SMTP hostname.
  • 465 is the SMTP port for Frontier Mail.
  • Yes, SSL/TSL is necessary for Frontier Mail SMTP.


Outlook 2010: Frontier Email Server Configuration

For Outlook 2010, use the Frontier email server settings shown below.

Open Outlook and go to the ‘File’ menu, then ‘Info.’

Select ‘Add Account’ from the drop-down menu.

After that, click the circle next to ‘Manually setup server settings’ and then ‘Next.’

After that, select ‘Internet Email’ and then ‘Next.’

Perform the following steps:

Fill your name in the ‘Your Name’ field and your Frontier email address in the ‘Email Address’ field in the ‘User Information’ section.

Select POP3 as the Account Type, as the ‘Incoming Mail Server (POP3),’ and as the ‘Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)’ in the ‘Server Information section.’

Select SMTP from the Outgoing Server Tab and apply the same parameters as Pop3.

Right-click on the Advanced Tab and choose Properties.

For the incoming mail server, type 995.

Mark the box next to ‘This server requires an encrypted connection with a checkmark (SSL).

Choose SSL for the encryption connection and enter 465 for the outgoing mail server.

‘OK’ should be selected.

Check that the box next to ‘Test Account settings by clicking the next button, enter next’ is checked. To complete the task, click the Finish button.


That’s how you set up your frontier email settings in Outlook. If you don’t complete all of the stages, you won’t get the intended outcome. Also, keep in mind that third-party applications and clients may alter the Frontier email settings in different ways. If you have any further questions about the Frontier mail setting for Outlook Express, you may speak with industry experts. They will always go out of their way to make your life easier.

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