Charter Email settings For Outlook has recently rebranded itself, but it did not make any changes in its email. Charter Communications gives IMAP access to the account. It enables users to link their email from smartphones and desktop email clients. It also provides identical services for business clients. They give between 2 to 25 email accounts according to the package you choose.

You can gain access to these accounts through their webmail interface or by integrating your Microsoft Outlook desktop client with charter. In this article, you’ll learn to configure the Charter email settings for Outlook. It will help you to access your Charter account through MS Outlook easily.


Charter Email Settings for Outlook

To know about Charter email settings and how to set it up on Outlook, you first need to create your personal Spectrum account. After that, you can set up Charter email on the Outlook desktop client.


The process to create a Spectrum email account.

For setting up Charter email on Outlook, sign up on service and build a password and username. Then follow these steps.

  • Log in to the Spectrum account.
  • Navigate to ‘Menu.’ It is present on the top-left part of the page. From there, choose ‘Manage Account.’
  • Select ‘Services’ and ‘Internet.’
  • Next, select ‘Create Email Address’ and make a new username.
  • Now choose ‘Create Mailbox’ and then type in your password. End by tapping ‘Finish.’


Note that if you have to use this service for business, you should have a registered domain name and a Spectrum business internet subscription.


The process to setup Charter email on Outlook

It is easy to setup Charter email Outlook. Follow the steps here.

  • Launch Outlook and navigate to ‘File.’ Then go to ‘Add Account.’
  • Type in your complete Charter email address.
  • Tap on ‘Advanced Options,’ and then choose ‘Let me setup my account manually.’
  • Tap on ‘Connect.’
  • As the account type, choose ‘POP.’ Add the following Charter email settings Outlook.


1. The incoming mail server is
2. The port number is 110.
3. The outgoing mail server is
4. The port number is 25.


  • Tap ‘Connect.’
  • When you see the login box, type your Charter password and email address. Then hit ‘OK.’



You can access your Charter email from your Outlook account. Follow these steps for it.

  • Log in to your Spectrum account.
  • Choose the ‘Email’ tab.
  • Choose the ‘Inbox’ tab that’s present to the left.



The Process to Configure Charter Email Mobile Settings for Outlook Client

You can also configure mail settings on your mobile for Outlook. Adhere to the steps given below.

  • Open the Outlook app.
  • Next, tap on the option of ‘Email.’
  • Then go to ‘Add Account’ and the ‘IMAP.’
  • To configure Spectrum email on your mobile phone, you need to check that it has the following server settings.


1. Type in your Spectrum email address beside the username field.
2. Next, enter the email password.
3. Use SSL authentication.
4. For the incoming server, input 993 as the port number.
5. For the outgoing server, input 587 as the port number.
6. As the last step, mark check on the option of ‘Requires Authentication.’


Final Words

It is easy to configure Charter email settings for Outlook on both your system and mobile. Just adhere to the guidelines given in this article carefully. But if you face issues in configuring the email settings, reach for technical support. You’ll surely be able to resolve all your problems after seeking advanced assistance from the experts.

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