How to Configure the 1and1 Email Settings Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides users various features like that of sending and receiving emails, managing calendars, storing numbers and names of their contacts, and the like. It also allows you to link to other sourcing clients.

1and1 Email Settings For Outlook

Users can receive IMAP access to 1and1 accounts to link their emails from either the mobile app or from the desktop email program. Those wanting to set up a 1and1 email account with Outlook should know the right 1and1 email settings Outlook. The right settings will allow you to proceed with the setup process correctly. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up this email on Outlook.


How to Configure 1and1 Email Settings Outlook

To setup 1and1 email on Outlook you need to adhere to a specific set of instructions. Follow them carefully and get started with your 1and1 email.

  • Launch Outlook. After that, open ‘Account Settings.’ You can find it after clicking the ‘File’ tab, in the category of ‘Information.’
  • In the tab of ‘Email’ tap ‘New’ to create an email account.
  • Now enable the ‘Server Settings.’ After that click ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘Internet Email Addresses.’ Then tap ‘Next.’ You need to enter the information given below.


1. Type in your complete name in front of its field.
2. Type in your email address in front of the email address field.


  • You’ll notice the box of ‘Type Account.’ Its present under the ‘Server information.’ Here you need to select ‘IMAP.’ For the correct 1and1 email setup Outlook, input the information mentioned below. It should be accurate and you should not make any mistakes while typing.


1. is the incoming email.
2. 993 is the incoming port number.
3. is the outgoing email.
4. 587 is the outgoing port number.


  • Now, below the ‘Login Information’, you need to input the settings given below.


1. Your email ID is your email.
2. Your email account password is your password.
3. SSL is needed for logging in securely.

That’s it, you have completed setting up 1and1 email on Outlook.


Why Use the Outlook Mail Client?

The outlook mail client is easy to use and navigate. It has functionalities that are arranged into self-explanatory categories that users can easily navigate. It is because of this systematic organization that users can finish emailing jobs in Outlook quickly.

An email client that’s difficult to navigate slows down the user’s productivity. MS Outlook has a built-in search bar that locates particular inboxes, tools, emails, settings, and other services for its users. Thus, by setting up your 1and1 email on Outlook, you’ll benefit from a smooth exchange of emails


Final Words

Now you can easily configure your 1and1 email settings Outlook. Ensure that you fill in the correct data to set up the email correctly. If you are unable to configure settings by yourself, connect with the expert 1and1 email technical support team or email settings also.

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