Understanding the details of how to configure the Zoho mail on iPhone

Zoho mail setting using a Zoho IMAP setup account may be simply set up in almost any email client. For instance, Zoho mail on an iPhone. You’ll need an email client and the information of your email account, including the IMAP/POP and SMTP server settings. We’ve included instructions on how to set up your Zoho IMAP settings for iPhone using IMAP and SMTP on this page.


Why set up Zoho mail on iPhone?

Manually checking your mailbox in Zoho mail on your iPhone is certainly cumbersome and tiring. Fortunately, there is a function in iPhone Mail that allows you to set it to connect to your Zoho mail iPhone account. This enables the receipt of a push notification. This implies that you will be notified immediately anytime your Zoho mail iPhone inbox receives an email.


Procedures to create a Zoho Mail iPhone account.

You will have to follow the below procedures to perform the Zoho mail iPhone setup. 

1. Navigate to the login page for your Zoho Mail account and input your login details.
2. You must choose the “Settings” option.
3. Select “Mail Accounts” and then “Email Forwarding with POP/IMAP.”
4. Activate IMAP now.


Detailed procedures using  IMAP Configuration details for Zoho mail on iPhone

Given below are the detailed procedures for Zoho mail IMAP settings. You have to be patient while carrying out setup Zoho mail on iPhone. As a result, Zoho mail setup iPhone involves a long process. Carefully read up each step for Zoho email setup. Else, the Zoho email settings on iPhone may not take place.


Procedure One:

Before you begin Zoho mail setup iPhone setup, you must configure your Zoho Mail email account to accept IMAP connections.


Procedure Two:

From a browser, sign in to your Zoho Mail account and go to Settings.


Procedure Three:

Choose the Configure IMAP option from the Mail Accounts section.


Procedure Four:

Click the IMAP Access checkbox under the IMAP section.


Procedure Five:

Customize the Auto-Expunge and Folder View Settings after that.


Procedure Six:

Log out of your Zoho Mail account.


Procedure Seven: 

Choose the Settings app on your iPhone.


Procedure Eight:

Choose the Add Account option from the Accounts & Passwords page.


Procedure Nine:

Beneath the selection of e-mail services, go with the Other alternative.


Procedure Ten:

Configure IMAP as your account type and fill in the Name box with the name of your email account.


Procedure Eleven:

Fill up the necessary boxes with your email address and password and press Next.


Procedure Twelve:

Insert ‘imap.zoho.com’ in the Host Name box under Incoming Mail Server.


Procedure Thirteen:

In the User Name and Password boxes, enter your account’s email address and password, accordingly. Then, In the Host Name box for Outgoing Mail Server, type SMTP.zoho.com.


Procedure Fourteen:

Again, under the Outgoing Mail Server area, input your email address and password in the User Name and Password boxes. Choose the things to be synced with your email account by tapping Next. After establishing the IMAP settings for Zoho mail on the iPhone, hit Save.

Procedure Fifteen:

Select the Accounts & Passwords option on the Settings page and scroll to the bottom to the Incoming Settings section. Switch the Use SSL option on and enter 993 as the Server Port value in the Server Port box.

Procedure Sixteen:

Navigate to the Outgoing Settings section and change the Server Port value to 465 in the Server Port box.

Procedure Seventeen:

Confirm the account settings. Open the Mail app to verify that your Zoho Mail account has been gradually installed on your iPhone.


Procedure Eighteen:

If you have any issues establishing Zoho mail IMAP settings on your iPhone, use the Call button on this page to connect with one of our technical specialists, who will help you in fixing the issue.


Procedures to follow while configuring POP

1. Log into your Zoho Mail account using your preferred web browser.
2. Proceed to “Mail Accounts” by clicking the “Settings” option.
3. Choose “POP Access” from this menu.
4. It will next ask you to allow POP access in one of two options — manual or automatic.


Emails from now onwards: You must allow POP access for emails. Only when you allow POP access will emails begin to flow in. This implies that the POP client will download just the most recent emails.


All Emails: Enabling POP access for all emails ensures that you get all emails. All emails will be downloaded through the POP client.

The procedure for adding Zoho mail on iPhone has been completed. Upon connecting to Wi-Fi or cellular service, your smartphone will automatically receive new emails. It’s just a matter of enabling Zoho Mail alerts and setting them up.



 Make sure you follow the procedures carefully when you configure Zoho mail on iPhone. Once you are done with these steps, Zoho mail setup iPhone access will begin. You can access the emails on your iPhone. For further help or if you have queries, you can get back to us. We shall provide full support for the same. you can contact us There are many email experts here who can help you related to all types of email settings.

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