Expertly Configure the US Army Email Settings for iPhone

Every version of the iPhone has the Mail app through which users can check their emails. This user-friendly app facilitates smooth access to the email account. It’s very easy to add popular email services like Yahoo, Google, and Outlook to iPhone. But for lesser-known email services like US Army email, you must manually set up your account. In this article, you’ll find the right US Army email settings for iPhone. The detailed instructions on configuring this email on your iPhone will enable you to efficiently access it on your mobile device.

The Correct US Army Email Settings for iPhone

Many people prefer IMAP over POP. So, if you wish to set up US military email on phone, the correct IMAP settings are given below.

  • is the ‘Incoming Mail Server.’
  • 993 is the ‘Incoming Mail Port.’
  • SSL is the incoming server security (SSL).
  • is the ‘Outgoing Mail Server.’
  • 465 is the ‘Outgoing Mail Port.’
  • It requires sign-in (Yes).

Ensure to be very careful while typing in these settings. It’s because even a slight mistake while inputting them can hinder you from effectively configuring the mail.

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The Process of Setting up US Army Email on iPhone

Now that you know the right email settings for your device, it’s time to find out how you can configure US Army email on your iPhone. You can follow these steps to configure US Army email on your iPod and iPad as well.

  • Launch ‘Settings‘ from the home screen of the iPhone.
  • Next select ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendar’ settings.
  • After that, select ‘Add Account.’ It is under the ‘Account‘ section.
  • You will notice a list of popular email accounts. US Army email won’t be on the list, so select the ‘Other‘ option.
  • Next, tap ‘Add Mail Account‘ and input the following information about your US Army account.
  1. Type your name besides its field.
  2. Type your US Army email ID beside the email field.
  3. Input the password of your mail account.
  4. In the description, type ‘US Army.’
  • Click ‘Next‘ and choose ‘IMAP.’
  • Scroll down and input the data given here under the ‘Incoming Mail Server.’
  1. is the ‘Incoming Mail Hostname.’
  2. Input your email username beside the ‘Username‘ field.
  3. Type your password beside the ‘Password‘ field.
  • Now you must provide the data under the ‘Outgoing Mail Server.’ Here is the information that you should provide.
  1. is the name of the ‘Outgoing Mail Hostname.’
  2. Input your US Army email username besides its respective field.
  3. Input your US Army email password besides its field.
  • Now save your information by tapping the ‘Save’ button.
  • In the subsequent screen, choose the US Army email account you have entered.
  • Scroll and find the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ option. Here, select ‘SMTP.’
  • Select ‘‘ below the ‘Primary/Main’ server. Check that the following data is appearing.
  1. SSL should be SSL.
  2. 465 is the server port.
  • Choose ‘Done‘ and navigate to the last screen. Here you must select ‘Advanced‘ and check for the following information.
  1. SSL must be SSL.
  2. 993 should be the server port.

That’s it! Now you know how to setup US Army email on iPhone. Just restart your device and start using your email account.

Final Words

You may find the process of configuring US Army email settings for iPhone a bit lengthy. But it’s important to follow them exactly as described. When your email account is configured, you will be able to use it conveniently from anywhere. In case you face any issues in following this process, contact expert customer support services.

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