3 Vital Tactics to Rearrange Tiscali Email Settings for iPhone

Tiscali is a telecommunication company that allows users to create an email account and send or receive emails through different service providers such as Windows mail, outlook, Windows live mail, and Apple Mail. To perform a hassle email communication, sometimes you need to change some of the email settings. Uses also may be stuck in problems and rearranging Tiscali email settings for iPhone or other devices can be the best solution for sure.

Tiscali Email Settings iPhone

For further detailed information, go through this online journal and examine and learn the best techniques to rectify the errors so that you can easily access your Tiscali email account anytime, anywhere.


What to do if Tiscali Email Settings for iPhone not Working? 

Common problems of Tiscali email settings iPad not working:

Few errors can occur while accessing your Tiscali email, which are listed below-

  1. Users will no longer access Tiscali mail.
  2. A message will appear on your device screen ‘Email not working’.
  3. You cannot send or receive emails from different mail service providers.
  4. There are numerous issues found on receiving notifications related to mails.


Solutions to Resolve Tiscali Email not working: 

Approach 1- Using Manual Setup

  • Open Mail and enter all the credentials including your Email address and Password.
  • Click on Manual Setup, choose IMAP as the account type.
  • For IMAP, choose these settings: Server: imap.tiscali.co.uk, Port: 143 and security type is none. (accept all the certificates)
  • For SMTP, settings are server: smtp.o2.co.uk, Port: 25 and security type is none. (accept all the certificates)
  • Click on Done and finish the process.
  • Now you are ready to set up Tiscali email on iPhone easily.


Approach 2- By Deleting Tiscali Email Account

For Android- 

  • Unlock your phone then open Mail by clicking its option.
  • Go to Settings then click on the Accounts option.
  • Choose Tiscali Email Account then click on the Remove Account option.
  • When a pop-up box appears, click on OK and remove the account.

For iPhone- 

  • Go to the home screen then open the Settings option
  • Enter the Accounts type and password
  • Open Tiscali Email Account then click on the Delete Account option.
  • Click on OK and remove the Tiscali email account from your iPhone.

After completing these steps, now try to setting up Tiscali email on iPhone and android, if still any kind of problem occurs, go to the next fix immediately.


Approach 3- By Resetting the Windows Mail Application

  • Go to Settings then click on Manage Accounts option.
  • Choose the Tiscali Account as the account type.
  • Click on the Delete button and wait for the account to be removed.
  • Restart the Windows mail application.
  • Add the Tiscali email account once again check for the issue
  • If still, you are no longer to access your mail then reset the Windows mail application
  • Go to Start Menu, open the Settings option then click on Apps
  • Choose Apps & Features options 
  • Open the Tiscali account and click on the Mail option
  • Select the Advanced options then click on the Reset button
  • Check for the issue, if still it occurs, re-enter POP3 or IMAP or SMTP settings.
  • You can enter these credentials:
  1. For POP Tiscali Settings: Server– pop.tiscali.co.uk, port– 995, SSL-YES
  2. For IMAP: Server– mail.tiscali.co.uk, port– 993, SSL-YES
  3. For SMTP: Server– smtp.tiscali.co.uk, port– 587 SSL-YES

After re-entering incoming and outgoing mail server settings properly, reset the mail application and check for the Tiscali email settings iPhone not working problem. In the case of finding any blunder, you may connect to the experts and resolve the glitch on your own.


Some of the Additional Quick fixes to get rid of the Tiscali Mail Bug:

  1. Check the entered credentials including email address, password and incoming-outgoing mail server settings.
  2. Check your Internet connection as it might be a reason for particular mail not working error.
  3. Check for the antivirus application and disable it and try to open the mail application.
  4. Search how to set up Tiscali email on iPhone or any other device on the Internet and follow the given instructions carefully.


The Ending Note

After crafting this piece of content regarding Tiscali Email Settings for iPhone not working, we hope that we have cleared all the major and essential points including solutions and quick fixes.So, the next time, whenever you face the same kind of problems, apply all the steps which are mentioned above in this blog post and rearrange Tisacli email IMAP settings or POP settings shortly.

For instant support and round the clock guidance, you may get in touch with a team of experts through a toll-free customer care number; share your difficulties and doubts to overcome the bugs within the shortest possible time.

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