How To Amazingly Setup MSN Email On IPhone?

The iPhone is a device manufactured by Apple and capable enough in terms of providing excessive access to email accounts. So, if you recently bought a brand new iPhone and wish to access your emails, Setup MSN Email On IPhone.

 However, when you configure your MSN email on iPhone, it is required to have IMAP/POP and SMTP settings of MSN. To know about the settings and process of MSN email configuration, you need to read out the productive information mentioned in this post.




The Step-by-Step Directives To Setup MSN Email On IPhone

The below-guided instructions will walk you through correctly Set Up MSN Email On IPhone. So, despite looking here and there, keep your eyes feast on the provided steps. Let’s do it:



Step 1: Open Settings

In the very beginning step, you need to open Settings on your iPhone. Here’s what to perform:

  • Touch the “Settings” icon to open it on your iPhone device.
  • Now, slightly scroll down your cursor to find the “Password & Accounts” option.
  • Once you detect the same, put a single tap on it.
  • After that, choose the “Add Account” tab which is available just below the iCloud tag.
  • Thereafter, click on your email provider if it is listed, otherwise, you can click “Other.” This is exactly How To Add MSN Email To IPhone.



Step 2: Select Add Mail Account

In the next procedure, you need to choose the “Add Mail Account” tab. Thereafter, enter the following account detail:

  • Name: Your name
  • Email: Your MSN email address
  • Password: your MSN email password
  • Description: a personal description

Once you have entered the above info, simply press the “Next” button.



Step 3: Choose IMAP Settings For MSN

In the next procedure, you need to go to the “Incoming Mail Server” tab and then select “IMAP.” After choosing IMAP, provide the following info:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: Your email address is your username
  • Password: Your account password



Step 4: Provide Outgoing Mail Server

Enter the following details under Outgoing Mail Server for MSN Email On IPhone:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: Your email address is your username
  • Password: Your account password



Step 5: Make Sure ‘Email’ is Checked

Once you have given the above Outgoing/Incoming Mail Server account info, ensure that your email is checked. After confirming this, click the “Save” button.



 Step 6: Access MSN Incoming Settings

In this step, you need to navigate to “Settings,” select your Msn account, and then click the “Advanced” tab. After that, enter the following details under incoming MSN Email Settings IPhone:

  • Use SSL: Yes
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 993



Step 7: Access MSN Outgoing Server Settings

Moving ahead for IPhone MSN Email Setup, go back to the previous screen and under ‘Outgoing server’ click Make sure the following information is correctly configured:

  • Use SSL: Yes
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 587



Step 8: Choose Done

After providing all the necessary details of your account, click “Done” at the top right and restart the iPhone. In the end, when you restart your iPhone, it will activate the settings accurately and hence successfully Setup MSN Email On IPhone.

Thus, big congratulations to you. Your email account is been appropriately set up on your iPhone. Now, the only required thing you need to implement is to open the mail app on your iPhone just to access your account. To check out your newly added email account on iPhone, go to the “Messages” section and try sending and receiving emails.



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