How Can I Setup My Insight Broadband Mail In iPhone Using IMAP?

Are you very much comfortable with Insight Broadband and other Google services, but using the iPhone? Well, using these two different service providers in one place has become very easy. You can use your Insight Broadband mail in iPhone by setting up the IMAP setup. Previously Google has not launched this service for Insight Broadband but after it has added IMAP protocols for Insight Broadband users it has become so easy to sync the mail in iPhone. The IMAP service allows Insight Broadband user to access their email service in iPhone, iPod, and other devices or client services as well.

To access your mail in iPhone you have to change Insight Broadband settings, after that only you will be able to access mail in iPhone. Though, there are two ways through which you can sync your Insight Broadband mail in iPhone,

  1. IMAP
  2. POP

IMAP is the most recommended settings in Insight Broadband to configure in the iPhone. Your previous mails and messages will download to your phone and be stored in the built-in mail app. Therefore, it will allow users to send messages from your Insight Broadband account.

Why IMAP Over POP?

For most users, IMAP is the better choice than POP.

POP is the older version to configure mails in an email client, and it only allows the users to download the Inbox on the computer or other devices and not any other folder. As a result, when an email is downloaded using the POP service, it is deleted then automatically.

On the other side, IMAP is the current standard for syncing your emails and allow you to see all your Insight Broadband mail folders on the iPhone. You can quickly view subjects and messages bodies of your Insight Broadband on the iPhone. IMAP setup in Insight Broadband also lets you sync folders between your home computer, phone as well as on webmail. And this feature allows you to use your mail anywhere, so that you can see the same folder in all the devices and can reply or create new mail whenever and however you access your mail.

As you are aware of both the settings, so now you can decide which one you want to use according to your choice and needs. Now let’s move towards the settings of Insight Broadband mail in iPhone.

Mail settings Insight Broadband
Incoming server imap.Insight
Incoming port 993
SSL Incoming SSL
Outgoing server smtp.Insight
Outgoing port 465
Requires sign-in Yes

How To Access Insight Broadband In iPhone Mail Using IMAP?

Below we have mentioned step by step guidance so, that you can use the following setting s to setup Insight Broadband mail in iPhone using the IMAP server.

  1. Open iPhone home screen
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on Password & Accounts
  4. Open Add Account and select Google

Insight Broadband Mail Setup Using IMAP

Note: The settings and steps may differ in older versions of the Mail app. Therefore, follow this guideline according to your mail app version. Choose Mail >> Contact >> Calendars and then go to Add Account >> Google Mail.

  1. Now enter your Insight Broadband mail address and enter Next
  2. Enter your Insight Broadband Password and then tap Next

Note: In case if you don’t know or forget your Insight Broadband password then recreate your Insight Broadband password first and then continue with the Insight Broadband settings.

  1. If you have secured your mail with Two-Step Verification then you need to create the app password.
  2. When you see 2-step verification appears on your screen, follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Turn on the Mail toggle switch to make sure that your email can be used.
  4. Other than your Insight Broadband Inbox you can also configure other items as well, such as Calendar events, and notes.
  5. Now, tap on the home button to exit to the home screen

How To Access Insight Broadband In iPhone Using POP?

Here we have also provided the details and settings for POP to configure your Insight Broadband mail in iPhone. Hence the Insight Broadband POP server settings are needed to use the Insight Broadband mail service in your iPhone.

Enable the POP settings in your Insight Broadband account if it is not activated. Open your Insight Broadband account in the web browser and follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab of your Insight Broadband account
  3. Open Settings >> Passwords & Accounts >> Add Account >> Add Mail Account
  4. Now enter your name
  5. Enter your Insight Broadband email address
  6. Give your password
  7. Click on Next

Setup Insight Mail Using POP

  1. Here select POP
  2. Enter the required information as instructed below:
  • Mail Server
  • Host Name- here enter pop.Insight
  • User name- here enter your complete email address
  • Password- enter your Insight Broadband password

Note: If you have enabled the two steps verification for email security then you will need to create one-time-use app password (for the complete steps see below), instead of using your Insight Broadband password.

  1. Enter the required information as mentioned below:
  • Mail Server
  • HostName- smtp.Insight
  • User Name: Here enter your complete email address
  • Password- enter your Insight Broadband password
  1. Next tap to save the settings
  2. Now select the Insight Broadband account you just added
  3. Tap on smtp.Insight
  4. Turn on the Use SSL
  5. Enter 465 in Server Port

Insight Broadband Mail Server

Next click on Done

By following the above settings congratulations, you have successfully done with the Insight Broadband mail setup in iPhone. If you face any difficulty during the steps or face any error, you can contact the experts for the instant solution.

Learn How To Create App Password

When your mail account is protected with two steps verification, you need to create an app password to use while setting up your Insight Broadband mail in other email clients. Hence, to solve this difficulty, we have mentioned the below steps for your assistance.

  1. Open your Insight Broadband Account Security Page
  2. Choose Account Security
  3. Now scroll down the page
  4. Select Manage app password
  5. Click Generate
  6. Lastly, copy the password and click ‘Done’

Now you can use this password while setting up your Insight Broadband account on iPhone. Hence, this won’t change your 2-step-verification password settings.

Now you are completely ready to access your Insight Broadband mail in iPhone.

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