How to perform Hotmail email settings for iPhone – Detailed information

The iPhone’s native Mail app supports email accounts from third-party providers that support IMAP or POP3. If you use Hotmail email, you can add it to your iPhone so that you may check your inbox whenever you like. Today, we’re going to talk about “Hotmail email settings for iPhone.” You may do this in two ways. You may choose between automated email setup and manual setup. You can set up Hotmail on your iPhone this way.


  1. Which Hotmail iPhone settings would augur well – IMAP, SMTP, or POP? 

You may configure Hotmail to work with any email client that supports POP3 or IMAP. You may choose “Hotmail POP server settings for iPhone,” “Hotmail SMTP server settings for iPhone,” or “Hotmail IMAP server settings for iPhone.” POP and IMAP servers refer to the inbound servers for Hotmail. POP and IMAP enable you to receive emails from Hotmail servers onto your pc using an email client. The distinction between both POP and IMAP may be found here. The Hotmail SMTP servers are the outgoing servers; the SMTP server enables you to send emails from any email software to your Hotmail or accounts.


  1. Is downloading Hotmail required to “setup Hotmail on iPhone”?

Yes, you must download Hotmail from the mail server to your PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and then activate POP or IMAP in the Hotmail settings. After that, configure Hotmail to work with an email application on your device through POP or IMAP. Hotmail is compatible with a variety of email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Mail app, and Android mail.


  1. How “setup email account on an iPhone” automatically?


Although these instructions were created for Hotmail, the procedure is the same for setting up an Outlook. This guide is for an iPhone, but the instructions are similar on an iPad.


Procedure 1:  Navigate to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account.


Procedure 2:  Your screen will display a login page. To begin, input your email address and then click Next.

Procedure 3: Sign in using your Hotmail email address and password.

Procedure 4: Confirm that you wish to provide iOS permission to view your data by tapping Yes.

Procedure 5: Choose which Hotmail data you want your iPhone to have access to. Procedure 6:  You may opt to have Hotmail sync your email, contacts, calendars, and reminders. Everything is switched on by default. Save your selection once you’ve made it.

Procedure 7: On your iPhone, open the Mail program. There should be a link to your freshly established Hotmail account there.


Usually, your iPhone syncs just one week’s worth of emails, but you can simply alter that. Return to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Outlook > Mail Days to Sync > and specify the number of days to sync. Choose No Limit if you wish to have access to all of your emails.


  1. Configuration through “Hotmail IMAP settings for iPhone” and “Hotmail SMTP server settings”

To connect your Hotmail account to an email client that supports IMAP and SMTP, use the following configuration parameters in your email app.


  • Incoming Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) Server
  • is the server address.
  • You set up the Port to 993
  • SSL Secured Connection
  • Server for Outgoing Messages (SMTP)
  • Address of the server:
  • Choose 25th port (or 587)
  • Yes, authentication.
  • TLS-encrypted connection
  • Your whole Hotmail email address, including the ‘’.
  • Your Hotmail account’s password


In most cases, you should configure your Hotmail account using the IMAP protocol. IMAP synchronizes your Hotmail account across many devices and computers, not only the Inbox folder. Additionally, every action you take on a device is synchronized with the Hotmail server and any other devices or mail clients linked to your Hotmail account. POP3, on the other hand, just downloads your emails from your Inbox folder to your computer’s hard drive. You may then handle your emails locally on your PC. However, in certain cases, POP3 email may perform better than IMAP email.


  1. Configuring Hotmail’s POP3 settings


To configure your Hotmail account for POP3, you must first enable POP for your account. The steps below describe how to enable Hotmail POP access.


  1. How to activate POP Access to Hotmail?


  • Log in to your Hotmail account using the following URLs:
  • Choose Settings from the drop-down menu by clicking the gear symbol.
  • Select Connect devices and applications with POP under Managing your account.
  • Click Enable under POP.
  • Press the Save button.


  1. How to set up Hotmail POP settings iPhone and Hotmail SMTP server settings?


To configure your Hotmail account through POP3, apply the following settings in your email client.


  • Server for incoming (POP3) mail
  • Address of the server:
  • You have to Port to 995
  • SSL Secured Connection
  • Server for Outgoing Messages (SMTP)
  • Address of the server:
  • 25th port (or 587)
  • Yes, authentication.
  • TLS-encrypted connection
  • Your whole Hotmail email address, containing the ‘’.
  • Log in to Hotmail using your password


  1. Accidental delete Backup through Hotmail POP Configuration

If you do not want email from your Hotmail inbox to be destroyed after it has been downloaded to your email client, choose the Keep a copy of messages on the server option. Even if you configure POP3 to delete messages once they are downloaded, the mail will keep a duplicate of the messages in a folder named POP. You may see it till the POP3 remove instruction is verified. 


To do so, login into your account and go to Settings >> Options >> POP devices and applications. Ascertain that Enable is chosen under POP. You may override any delete requests by selecting the ‘Don’t allow devices or applications erase messages’ option. Allow devices and applications to remove messages from your Hotmail inbox by selecting the ‘Do what the device or app says’ option. You are now finished. We recommend that you maintain a duplicate of your emails on the Hotmail server, which eliminates the need to backup emails on your computer or to other storage or devices.


  1. Utilizing the settings “Hotmail SMTP server configuration”


IMAP and POP3 use the same Hotmail SMTP settings.


  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server for Hotmail
  • Address of the server:
  • You can choose port 25
  • Yes, verification.
  • TLS-encrypted connection


As you read, you will discover how simple it is to configure “Hotmail email settings for iPhone” utilizing basic ways. You may choose to have the setting made automatically. Additional manual configuration choices include “Hotmail IMAP settings iPhone,” “Hotmail SMTP server settings,” and “Hotmail POP settings iPhone.” Simply follow the procedures outlined above and you should be ready to go in no time. If you’re having trouble getting “Hotmail email settings for iPhone” to work, you may contact us.



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