GMX Email Settings For iPhone [Complete Setup]

If you’re using an iOS device, such as an iPhone, you may want to check out GMX mail settings iPhone. Configuring it on your mobile device enables you to access your email at any time. You do not need to sign in again to check your email.

As a GMX Mail subscriber, you may utilize webmail to access your email account. Additionally, you may customize it through email, Android, or iOS smartphone. If you’re confused about what “email Settings” has to do with GMX or what “GMX email settings” are, fear not!  We have explained it.


What do you mean by GMX mail settings?

GMX is a complimentary email client. GMX Mail combines limitless storage with an intuitive email interface. Attachments up to 50MB are supported by the free email client. It is equipped with a powerful spam filter and excellent anti-virus protection.

Numerous GMX Mail customers use their inboxes only through the web interface. Mobile device users may use GMX mail through the email application on their device. To do this, you’ll need the “GMX IMAP settings iPhone” for transferring messages and folders from GMX Mail to some other email application.


GMX Email Settings iPhone:

To conduct “GMX email setup”, follow the below GMX email settings iPhone.

1. Navigate to the iPhone’s settings option.
2. Scroll to the bottom and choose the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option.
3. Select Add Account from the drop-down menu underneath the iCloud tag and click other (Other is the     only choice if your email provider is not listed here.
4. Type Add Mail Account.
5. Name: Your original name
6. Email: Your username is your email address.
7. Password: Your user name and password
8. Select the Next Button


GMX POP Settings iPhone:

  • 1. Select POP as the incoming mail server and input the following information.
    2. is the hostname.
    3. Username: Your username acts as your email address.
    4. Password: Your user name and password
    5. Under outgoing mail server, provide the following information.
    6. is the hostname.
    7. Username: Your username acts as your email address.
    8. Password: Your user name and password
    9. Select the Save Button
    10. Navigate to the settings. Then go to your Gmx account and choose the Advanced option. There, you       must input information under incoming settings.
    11. Utilize SSL: Yes
    12. Password Server Port: 993
    13. For outgoing settings, execute the following information.
    14. Utilize SSL: Yes
    15. Authentication: Server Password Port: 465

Congratulations, You may now send and receive emails from on your iPhone device.


GMX IMAP settings iPhone:

On your mobile device, you will be prompted to input the following information. Use this information in your mail app to access your GMX account’s email:

1. Enter your GMX mail login credentials.
2. IMAP server address for GMX Mail:
3. IMAP user name for GMX Mail: Your complete GMX Mail address ([email protected]).
4. IMAP password for GMX Mail: Your GMX Mail user name and password
5. IMAP port for GMX Mail: 993 (optional: 143)
6. TLS/SSL is needed for GMX Mail IMAP: Yes in the case of port 993, no in the case of port 143.


SMTP Configuration for GMX Mail on the iPhone:-

To send email via a GMX Mail account from any email application or service (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. ), you must additionally configure your mobile device’s SMTP server settings. They are as follows:

1. The SMTP server address for GMX Mail is
2. SMTP user name for GMX Mail: Your complete GMX Mail email address (for example, [email protected]).
3. Password for GMX Mail’s SMTP server: Your GMX Mail user name and password
4. 587 is the SMTP port for GMX Mail.
5. TLS/SSL is not needed for GMX Mail SMTP.
6. Additionally, GMX provides a free GMX Mail mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones. To view and respond to emails, simply download the software and sign in using your username and password.


GMX POP3 settings – Quick Steps:-

GMX Mail is a free email service, backed by advertisements. You may use POP3 to connect GMX Mail or to configure your email account on any email client program. To configure GMX POP3 settings, follow the procedures outlined below.

The GMX POP3 settings on a server store incoming emails.

Enter in the POP3 settings. Enter in the outgoing SMTP settings.



All possible required information on GMX mail settings iPhone, GMX IMAP settings, and GMX pop3 settings have been provided. Using these instructions, you can perform GMX email settings quickly. If you have any doubts or are unable to carry out the GMX mail setup, you can contact us. We have the required professionals who deal with various types of email settings every day.

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