Earthlink Email Settings For iPhone, Android, and iPad

When it comes to installing an internet connection in your house. People may become perplexed when they see all of the accessible firms. Some may even believe that it makes no difference which ISP they use. Given this, it is strongly advised that you conduct thorough research before deciding on an ISP. Most businesses have websites that you may access. These will provide you with all of their contact information as well as the specs for their programs.


This should assist you in choosing the Earthlink email settings for iPhone your needs. You may also call customer care for these businesses for assistance in answering any questions you may have.




Why EarthLink?

EarthLink is one of the most well-known firms in America that provides internet services.  As previously stated, the requirements for your connection will be determined by these packages.


Aside from this, the firm also sells certain gadgets. However, one of the finest aspects of the company is its email services. You may easily create your email with EarthLink for free. However, several individuals have wondered how they can do this with their iPhones.



What are IMAP and POP and SMTP settings in Earthlink

IMAP, POP, and SMTP are three email access mechanisms. When you need to check your emails from several devices, such as a phone, laptop, and tablet, Earthlink IMAP setting are the preferred approach.



Earthlink IMAP

Earthlink IMAP settings allows you to access your email from any device, no matter where you are. When you use IMAP to view an email message, you are not downloading or storing it on your computer; rather, you are reading it from the email provider. As a result, you may check your email from any device in the globe, including your phone, computer, or a friend’s PC.

IMAP only downloads a message when you click on it, and attachments are not downloaded automatically. That is what makes the process a whole lot quicker



Earthlink POP

Earthlink pop email settings function by calling your email service and downloading all new messages from it. They are removed from the email service once they have been downloaded to your PC or Mac. This implies that after the email has been downloaded, it can only be accessed on the same machine. If you try to access your email from a different device, you will be unable to view previously downloaded emails.

Sent mail is saved locally on your PC or Mac rather than on the email server.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide POP email accounts.



Earthlink SMTP

SMTP is a component of the TCP/IP protocol’s application layer. Earthlink email SMTP settings transport your email across networks by using a procedure known as “save and forward.” It collaborates with a program known as the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to route your message to the correct computer and email mailbox.


SMTP describes and directs how your email is transmitted from your computer’s MTA to another computer’s MTA, or perhaps multiple computers.




EarthLink IMAP Configuration

The standard EarthLink IMAP settings that you must employ to use the incoming email services with ease are listed below.


  • Access your EarthLink email account.
  • Click on Settings in the upper left corner.
  • Select your accounts now.
  • Select IMAP from the drop-down menu.
  • In the ‘Incoming Mail Server’ column, type ‘’.
  • ‘143’ should be the value for ‘Incoming Port Number.’
  • The ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ should be ‘,’ and the ‘Outgoing Port Number’ should be 587.
  • You’ve now set up your account to use IMAP.




EarthLink Email SMTP Server Configuration

The needed Earthlink email SMTP settings for using the outbound email services are shown below.


  • Select the Mail icon.
  • Navigate to the Accounts Section.
  • Enter your EarthLink email address here.
  • Enter your entire email address in the username field.
  • When asked, type in your email password.
  • The hostname of the server should be
  • The port number should be 587, and the SSL/TLS certificate should be Yes
  • Run the test if the test parameters are enabled.
  • If everything checks out, you’ve successfully activated the SMTP auth Earthlink net settings.



How to Configure EarthLink Email on an iPhone and iPad

Setting up your Earthlink email settings iPhone is a simple process that requires only a few steps. Begin by going to your device’s settings page. You may then scroll down to find and open the mail tab. This will offer you the opportunity to add any existing accounts.


To access your email, enter your credentials here and save the changes. You can also keep the passwords on your iPhone so that you don’t have to key them in every time you need to check-in. After that, you can proceed to the IMAP tab under the incoming mail option by clicking on it. Enter ‘’ as the hostname and your credential.

In the ‘Incoming Mail Server Setting’ field,

  • enter as the hostname.
  • Your username should be your email address.
  • The default password should be your email address.

In the ‘Outgoing Mail Server Settings’ field, enter the following:

  • Set the hostname to
  • The email address should be used as the username.
  • Your password must be the same as your email address.


‘Outgoing Mail Server Configuration’

  • Save the changes and go to the next step.
  • Enter the following under ‘Mail Server Settings:
  • SSL should be left alone, and the server port value should be 587.



Earthlink Email Configuration on Android

If you need instructions on how to set up Earthlink webmail on Android, this page can help you. Here’s how to configure Earthlink webmail on Android!


  • You should open your email client.
  • Then click ‘Settings.’
  • Then, click on ‘Add new mail’.
  • Select your EarthLink account and the POP3 protocol.
  • After that, you may enter your email address and password.
  • Select ‘Manual Setup.’

In the Incoming Settings screen, enter the following information:

  • Your Complete Username
  • The password for your email address should be provided in the Incoming server Port Value field, and the value should be 995.
  • SSL should be used for security.
  • Then, under the ‘Next’ area, click.

Enter the following in the incoming settings:

  • In the ‘Outgoing Server’ section, enter the ‘Smtpauth Earthlink net’ settings.
  • The correct answer is 587.
  • For ‘Authorization necessary,’ enter ‘Yes.’
  • Then, press the ‘Next button.
  • Then specify your preference.
  • Last but not least, give your account a name.

That’s all! You have successfully configured your Earthlink email settings for your Android account.

Okay, those are the many methods for configuring Earthlink webmail settings for certain devices. As you can see, each device will have distinct settings and input data.




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