4 Tricks to Configure BTinternet email Settings on iPhone

BTinternet or BT Broadband is a service offered by BT consumers, which provides IMAP and POP access to your BT Mail account.But what do you do when you are no longer to access or set up your BTinternet email settings on iPhone or any other device.

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If you are one of those who usually face such kinds of bugs and glitches then you are at the right place with perfect timing, as we are going to share all the major steps to set up your BTinternet within a few clicks.Just read this post till the end and enhance the level of your knowledge about the BTinternet email settings in a proper manner.


Numerous Steps to Setup the BTinternet email Settings: 

Trick 1- For IMAP & SMTP Servers

  • Go to the Settings option and open it while using your iPhone.
  • Don’t forget to close the Mail, Contacts and CalendarsOption
  • Click on Add Mail Accountand open your mail
  • Now fill in all the important details in the box that appeared such as Name, Email ID and Password/Passcode and click on Enter
  • There are 2 steps; the first is the Incoming email server (IMAP) and the second is the outgoing email server (SMTP),you need to complete both of those.
  • Enter all the required details such as Name, Email and Password under incoming and outgoing mail server one by one.
  • Open incoming settings Fill all the credentials then outgoing settings and do the same
  • The entire process is completed now and you can easily access your email account in your iPhone after finishing BTinternet iPhone settingsmanually.
  • If this step fails, go to the next


Trick 2- Using Outlook 

  • Ø Open Outlook and go to the File tab and click on Account Settings
  • Ø Go to Email and click on the ‘New’option
  • Ø Start the Server Settings and click on Next
  • Ø Now go to Internet Email Addressesand fill in all the details as follows:
  • Ø Required Details: Your Name and Your email address
  • Ø Click on Type Account and select IMAP and again fill in the following credentials

(For Incoming Mail-Incoming Mail: Mail.btinternet.com & Incoming Port: 993)

(For Outgoing Mail- Outgoing Mail: Mail.btinternet.com & Outgoing port: 587)

  • Now it’s time to fill in all the details including your Email address and password.
  • Click on Test Account Settings, and check the BTinternet Imap settings for iPhone.
  • If all goes well, click on the Finish option and complete the process.

Note: “Repeat Log-in-failure is one of the most common errors which appear when you enter wrong id or password.”


Trick 3- Only For POP Email Account Settings

  • Open the Gmail or Email application on your Phone
  • Add email account and select the type of your account as POP3
  • Now fill in the incoming server settings and details of your account such as:

Server: Mail.btinternte.com & Port: 995

(Choose Security type as NONE and accept all the certificates)

  • Now change some other settings as follow:

For Outgoing Server:

  • Write down SMTP server as Mail.btinternte.com and select security type is none using port 465

Now add some general SMTP Port Settings:

Outgoing (SMTP) Secure – Port: 465, Security Type: SSL/TLS:

Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Secure – Port: 587, Security Type: SSL/TLS

Outgoing (SMTP) – Port: 25, Security Type: None

Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Insecure – Port: 587, Security Type: None

  • Now click Finish and set up BTinternet POP3 Settings shortly.

Note: “You can fix your issues by contacting a team of experts at Email Settings, or contact our technicians to opt best suitable guidance.”


Trick 4- For Android Users Only

Ø  Go to the Home Screen and open the Gmail application

Ø  If you are using another email account then go to Email Settings and click on Add Account.

Ø  Enter all the credentials such as BTinternet and password; then click on Manual Setup.

Ø  Now you need to select IMAP Account from the settings

Ø  Fill in the details as follows:

  1. User Name: Your user name
  2. Password: Your BTinternet account password
  1. IMAP Server:Mail.btinternet.com & Port: 993

(Enable SSL security type for the incoming mail server)

Ø   Now fill in all the details on Outgoing server settings (SMTP) and click on Finish Button

Ø  Try to send or receive money from your android and add BTinternet email to your Phone.


The Ending Note- 

After going through this online journal, now you get to know fully that how you can set up BTinternet email on iPhone, Android or Desktops on your ownIf still face any kind of query or issue, then directly contact the professionals who surely can help you to get over your difficulties adequately.

Get in touch with the adepts and encounter all the glitches related to BTinternet iPhone Settings and its setup easily within the shortest possible time.

I hope you liked this information And if you need any kind of help or service related to email settings, then please contact because we have many experts.

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