: Office 365 Email Settings for iPhone-Tried & Tested Instructions

All people owning a smartphone around the globe use email in their new smartphones. Office 365 has established itself as one of the most frequently used email platforms among the mass. Thus, you may want to learn how to configure “Office 365 email settings for iPhone” so that you can reap the benefits of email on your smartphone. The “email settings” provided here do not involve any difficult steps. We’ve made every effort to explain how to “add Office 365 email to iPhone.”



Which Office 365 IMAP or POP settings should you use?

 As with any other webmail provider, attempt to automatically “setup Office 365 email on iPhone” at first. If it does not work, try an easy manual setup. If even that doesn’t work, go for  IMAP and SMTP servers settings. All configuration options for “Office 365 mail settings” on the iPhone are equally effective. This makes it an excellent choice for handling Office 365 data across many devices.



Automatic settings details on “how to set up Office 365 email on an iPhone”:-

 To complete the automated “Office 365 email settings,” attentively read each and every step. Ascertain that you do not make any errors throughout the “install Office 365 on iPhone” process.


  1. To begin, go to the Settings option.


  1. Once in the settings, locate and touch on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.


  1. Select Add Account.


  1. Select Exchange.


  1. Provide your email address, password, and a brief outline of your email.


  1. Click Next.


Do remember: Autoconnect will attempt to locate the account settings that need to be configured. If auto-connect fails, you may set up your device manually by inputting the information provided below.


  • Outlook.office365.com as the server.



  1. Hit the Next button.


  1. Select the Save button.


Finally, you have fully configured “Office 365 mail on iPhone.”




Easy manual easy Office 365 email settings:-

  1.  Start  ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Passwords & accounts’ followed by ‘Add account’.

If your supplier is mentioned, click on it; otherwise, select ‘Other’.


  1. Select ‘Add mail account’ and fill in the following details:
  • On adding a mail account, you will have to enter your own name
  • Email: the email address associated with your Office 365 subscription.
  • Password: the password for your Office 365 email account.
  • Description: a brief biography


  1. Select IMAP and input the following information in the ‘Incoming mail server field:


  • office365.com is the hostname.
  • Your Office 365 email address as a username
  • Password: the password for your Office 365 email account.


  1. At ‘Outgoing mail server,’ please enter information and click ‘next’:


  • office365.com
  • As a username, use your Office 365 email address
  • Password: the password for your Office 365 email account.


  1. Select ‘Email’ and press ‘Save’.


Your email account has been successfully saved. The next procedures verify that all settings are accurate.

  1. Select ‘Advanced’ from the drop-down menu next to your freshly established email address. Ascertain that the following data under ‘Incoming server’ is correct:


  • Utilize SSL: on
  • Verification of identity: password
  • 993 is the server port.


  1. Return to the previous page and click on smtp.office365.com under ‘Outgoing server’. Ascertain that the following information is accurate:


  • Utilize SSL: on
  • Verification of identity: password
  • 587 is the server port.
  1. Now, you have to activate the settings. for the same, select ‘Done’ at the top right. For the required settings to take effect, you will have to restart the iPhone.


Congrats, your account has been successfully created. To access your account, launch the mail app.




Continuing with manual “Office 365 email configuration on iPhone”:-


If the automatic configuration or easy Office 365 email settings do not work, you may need to complete the “setting up Office 365 email on iPhone” procedure manually. In other words, you would use IMAP server settings to do “Office 365 server settings iPhone.


  • In order to manually “set up your Office 365 account”, you need access to the email settings in your account.


  • Navigate to Settings >> Passwords & Accounts to begin.


  • Select Add Account, followed by Other.


  • Enter the name, email address, password, and description of your account.


  • Press Next to proceed. Mail will try to find and finish the account setup by attempting to locate the email settings. Once Mail has located your email settings, click Done to complete the account setup.




What steps should be taken if the “iPhone Office 365 IMAP settings” fail to work?


If Office 365 is unable to find your email settings, a few more things will be required. Furthermore, you’ll have to decide whether your “iPhone Office 365 setup” is suitable with IMAP or POP. You may also contact your email provider.


  • If you have determined the incoming and outgoing mail servers, enter them here.
  • After confirming that the information entered is correct, click Save to finish configuring your email settings. If your email settings or Mail on iPhone configuration keep failing, you will have to make changes.



Configuration with “iPhone Office 365 SMTP settings”:-

Assuming, you’re using an iPhone with a normal SMTP server, you’ll need to modify the “set up Office 365 on iPhone” option. Changing your internet connection will require you to do this every time.


  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the Settings icon.


  1. Navigate to the setup options for email. “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” is selected, followed by the Office 365 account.


  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the Account box.


  1. Hover your mouse over the SMTP box.


  1. Type SMTP.Office 365.com in the address bar. It is accessible via the Primary Server drop-down menu.


  1. You should disable all currently active server settings.


By hitting the “ON” button, this may be achieved.


Simply press the “Done” button to complete the process.


  1. Select the “Add Server” option at this stage (please keep in mind that all the others servers should be set to OFF).


  1. Enter the following Office 365 SMTP server IPs in the “Host Name” box:


  1. When done, click “Save.”


Return to the Account window at this point.


  1. Verify that the information for your Office 365 account is entered correctly here:


  1. Enter the name you want to appear as the sender.


  1. Enter your Office 365 email address (abcd@Office 365.com, for example).


  1. In this field, enter your Office 365 password.


For instance, “Office 365” Please choose the “Advanced” option. Here, you may make recommended changes to the SSL and server port settings.


  1. Several combinations are conceivable, including the following:


Utilize SSL on the server: 587.


This should be enough. Attempt to save+close all windows and send emails while connected to the VPN.



The description “Office 365 email settings for iPhone” refers to both the Office 365 IMAP and Office 365 SMTP settings for the iPhone. At first, configure “Office 365 server settings iPhone” using IMAP and SMP. If you need further assistance with “how to setup Office 365 on iPhone,” please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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