How to Add or Delete ATT Email Settings for iPhone?

ATT and Yahoo come together in 2013 and till then, both the companies merge their email platforms and make it easier for users to access, send or receive emails from any corner of the globe.

When users sign in to an ATT account via Yahoo, they may encounter various issues and due to those errors, they cannot even access their emails. You need to rearrange ATT email settings for iPhone and hence, all the problems can be resolved.

There are many options available to tackle the same blunders, simply get in touch with professionals. Or let’s dig all the answers to your doubts and questions by going through this blog post right away.

We hope you will get to explore all you need to know about the process set up ATT email on iPhone. 




 Reasons for Setting up ATT Email on iPhone

There are few reasons when you need to add or change ATT email settings for iPhone; some of them are listed here in this blog post.

  • If you entered the wrong credentials, then you need to change and add the ATT email to your iPhone.
  • If there is an issue with your network, then you cannot access ATT email and have to make few changes in email settings.

If antivirus installed in your device got expired, then the only option remains changes in ATT email on iPhone. Quick Steps to Set up ATT Email on iPhone 

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to the Settings option
  • Click on Passwords & Accounts then select Add Account.
  • Search for ATT service provider, click others to direct open the option
  • Choose Add Mail Account and enter the following details;
    • Name, email address, password and description
  • Choose an account type and Enter incoming and outgoing mail server settings
  • ATT IMAP Settings: User name, password and as hostname, port: 993
  • ATT SMTP Settings: User name, password and as hostname, port: 465
  • ATT POP3 Settings: User name, password and as hostname, port: 995

(Note: Enable SSL certificate) 

  • Now click on Next.
  • Click Done and your process will be done.



How to Create a Secure Mail Key or Password?

Creating a safe mail credential is important nowadays that’s why you need to set a strong mail key and follow these steps to create the safest one.

  • Open ATT mail and click on the Profile option.
  • Click on the Secure Mail Key option then choose Manage Secure Mail Key
  • Tap Create Secure Mail Key and click on Copy Secure Mail Key to Clipboard.
  • Now Press OK
  • Now open your mail application program, enter password and security mail key



How to Reset your Password in ATT Mail?

  • Open email by entering your credentials
  • Click on Sign-in-info
  • Go to My Linked Accounts then click on Manage Email
  • To add user information, click on Edit User Information
  • Enter your wireless number and reset your password.
  • Click on Save Changes.



What to do if ATT Email Loading slowly on iPhone? 

You can apply some of the simple tricks to rectify the issue on your own, let’s follow these tips:

  • One of the most basic steps is to restart your phone and try to run AT&T email.
  • Clear or erase cache and cookies of your particular browser
  • Once check your Internet connection and fix it to run AT&T email on your device.
  • Install a virus program and scan for viruses.
  • Make sure all the applications should be closed.



How to Setup and Access AT&T Email on iPhone? 

  • Go to and open the site.
  • Open Mail and enter your mail credentials such as email address and password.
  • Click on Sign In and select Keep me signed in.



Final Words

After successfully gathering information and crafting this piece of content, we have concluded that setting up ATT email on iPhone is not a hectic task to manage. There are some steps you have to work on and finish this job simply.

All the methods which are mentioned above are the best solutions to add ATT email to iPhone. Moreover, ATT is an IT program application and like other software, this may come up with some kind of issues as well.

Then, you just need perfect guidance which can help you to resolve those particular issues within the least expected time. Talk to the ATT email on the iPhone settings support service via a toll-free number and fix the problems anytime.

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