How to perform Gmail email settings for iPhone smoothly?

The majority of individuals immediately link their Google account to their new smartphone. Let’s face it: Gmail has risen to prominence as one of the most widely used email systems. As a result, you may want to modify your iPhone’s Gmail email settings. The email Settings does not entail any form of difficulty.  In this article, we would explain how to perform Gmail settings on iPhone.


“Gmail IMAP configuration for iPhone” or “Gmail POP configuration for iPhone”

As with any other webmail service, Gmail offers two ways to set up Gmail on the iPhone. It includes IMAP and POP. Both forms of setup Gmail on iPhone are equally effective, but IMAP provides superior synchronization, making it ideal for managing Gmail data across many devices.

 After connecting your Gmail account to your iPhone, all existing data inside the iPhone mail app will be recovered. As a result, you will not lose any new or previously received or sent emails.


How about iPhone Gmail SMTP settings?

SMTP has a full form and it stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol that enables email applications to send and receive electronic mail over the internet. The function automatically sends email messages to end-users with their email addresses included.

You may also configure “iPhone Gmail settings SMTP”. You have the option.


“How to configure Gmail on an iPhone”

If Gmail does not function on your iPhone, follow the instructions below to attempt the Gmail settings for iPhone. We’d begin with the simplest iPhone Gmail settings.

 Rather than installing an additional program, many users choose to utilize Apple’s built-in email client, Mail. To add your Gmail address to Mail, just follow these steps:


To do so, navigate to Settings > Passwords & Accounts.

Pick your email provider from the Add Account menu.

Put your email address and password in the boxes provided.

Following, and Mail will validate your account.

Select data from your email account’s Contacts or Calendars folders.

Select Save.


“iPhone Gmail IMAP settings”:


If the basic setup fails, you may need to manually configure Gmail on iPhone. To begin, let us look at iPhone Gmail settings through IMAP.


  • To manually “set up your Gmail account, you’ll require access to your email settings:
  • To perform it, move to Settings >> Passwords & Accounts.
  • Press Add Account, next tap Other.
  • Input your account’s name, email address, password, and description.
  • Continue by tapping Next. Mail will attempt to locate the email settings and complete the account setup. If Mail locates your email settings, press Done to finish setting up your account.


What procedures to follow in case the “iPhone Gmail IMAP settings” do not work?

If Gmail is unable to locate your email settings, you will need a few more items. Additionally, you’ll need to determine if IMAP or POP is compatible with your “iPhone Gmail setup.” Alternatively, you may contact your email provider.


Once you’ve determined this, input the information for the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers.

 After verifying that the provided information is accurate, press Save to complete your email settings. If the email settings or Mail on iPhone setup continue to fail, you will need to change them.


Methods to “Setup Gmail on an iPhone” with the use of POP3 Settings


Gmail POP server configuration is needed to configure Gmail on your iPhone through POP.


  • To begin, configure your Gmail’s POP server settings. To enable POP for all mail, go to Settings>> Forwarding and POP/IMAP>> Enable POP for all mail.
  • Following this, you will have to navigate to the option of Settings, then move onto the Passwords and accounts option. Create a new account>> other>> Create a Mail Account.
  • Next, provide your first and last names, as well as your email address and password. Select “Next”.
  • Select POP.
  • Then, go over to Incoming Mail Server and enter the following Gmail POP server configuration:
  • Name of the Host:
  • Your complete email address as a user name
  • Enter the email account’s password of the email account used.
  • Next, go to Outgoing Mail Server and enter the following Gmail SMTP Server configuration:
  • Your whole email address as a user name
  • Your email account’s password.
  • Select the Save button.
  • Next, from the list, choose the account you added.
  • From the bottom of the page, click on; from the top of the following page, click on the same.
  • Toggle the Use SSL option.
  • Replace the current value with 465 in the Server Port field.
  • Select Done.


Please consider this point: If your Gmail account uses certain POP settings, you may remove email from your iPhone without removing it from your Gmail account. To do so, go to Gmail’s IMAP and POP settings and then choose “When messages are retrieved through POP” supported by “keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox.”


“iPhone Gmail SMTP settings”:

Unfortunately, if you’re using a standard SMTP server on an iPhone, you’ll need to alter the “set up Gmail on iPhone” setting. This will need to be done each time you change your internet connection.


  1. Hover over the Settings icon.
  2. Navigate to the email-related configuration options. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” then select the Gmail account.
  3. Hover over the Account box.
  4. Click on the SMTP field.
  5. Select You come across it in the Primary Server drop-down menu.
  6. You should deactivate all existing server configurations.

This may be accomplished by clicking the “ON” button.

Simply click the “Done” button.

  1. At this point, click the “Add Server” option (please keep in mind that all the others servers should be set to OFF).
  2. Fill in the “Host Name” box with the following GMail SMTP server IPs:
  3. When you’re finished, press “Save.”
  4. Return to the Account window now.


  1. Ascertain that your Gmail account information is typed properly here:


  1. Type in the name as you wish to see as the sender.
  2. Enter your Gmail address (for example, [email protected]).
  3. Enter your Gmail password here.

e.g. “Gmail” Now, kindly choose the “Advanced” option 10. Here, you may adjust the SSL and server port settings as suggested.


  1. Several possible configurations include the following:

Utilize SSL: 25 or 465 or 587 on the server


This should do.  Try saving+closing all windows and sending emails while linked to the VPN.



The Gmail email settings for iPhone entails Gmail IMAP settings, Gmail SMTP settings iPhone or Gmail POP settings iPhone. Tye with IMAP settings first, if it doesn’t work, try the other two settings. For any help on Email settings on iPhone, you can contact us and we would assist you.



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